Hello Linux Gurus,
Im a newbie to Linux and the software configuration management system

Our company requires installing tools with the below functionalities on Redhat 9.0.
  • Project Management
    Version Management
    Bug Tracking

Requirement in the order of their priority are as follows
  • 1. An integrated tool which contains all the above functionalities (or)
    2. A separate Project Management tool, but an integrated tool for the rest of the features.
    3. The tools should operate under high security like ssh or https.
    4. There should be a common interface to both of the integrated functionalities.

After some net surfing, we came to a conclusion that Project Management facility is almost a separate entity, but the rest of the features can be integrated.
We found some free tools in the open community for versioning and bug tracking that can be integrated and is listed below

Can anybody suggest which combination would be the best, or if there is other tools available that better matches our company criteria than those listed here.