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    Virtual Domains witn postfix

    I have followed teh examples on teh Postfix site but still getting errors, After i edit teh and virtual, I restart and log says vmailbox.db not found

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    try this one...
    but you need mysql on this

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    Im setting up Postfix with virtual domains also currently. I've actually got it working on one server but am having trouble with this current one. But luckily I think I know the answer to your problem.

    There will be a value pointing to "hash:/etc/postfix/vmailbox" in your file (/etc/postfix/ There will also be one pointing to "hash:/etc/postfix/vmaildomains"

    /etc/postfix/vmaildomains must look as below: placeholder placeholder placeholder

    (Basically a list of all domains that will be recieving/sending E-mail o nthe system)
    ("Placeholder" is there because it needs 2 values per line for some reason)
    And /etc/postfix/vmailbox must look like this:

    This is the optimal and most sensible configuration for postfix with virtual domains as it allows same usernames for seperate domains.

    A full guide can be found here:
    (I recommend vm-pop3d as the server, works well)

    Any other questions I might be able to help. Depends though... I keep getting stuck also.

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