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    Good server Linux?

    Im looking for a good operating system for a server computer..
    I have never ever tryed linux, so something easy to install and operate!

    And then the biggest problem, the purpose for the server is to run Ragnarok Online game server, and the server program is three .exe files

    Thanks for your help!

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    I don't think linux is going to do what you want, first problem, EXE files are normally associated with windows. I myself have not seen any exe files run in linux...

    second, there are lost of linux distros out there, none are easy, each one requires reading and learning, each one has a learning curve etcetc.

    popular ones are Fedora Core. Gentoo, Debian, Etc

    if you just want to install it and get it running without learning then forget it wont' work that way

    where do you download the ragnorok server? should be a linux version if they support it.


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    Even if you can't find a Linux version of the software you want to use then Wine might be able to help. With the help of the WineTools package it will set it up with the basic packages and you might be in luck to get it workingg smoothly although you may have to do a bit of reading or posting here to find the best way of going about this task.
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    Usually, I would try to convince people to use Linux. In this case, if the program has no native Linux version, you will be better off using Windows as opposed to running the game under emulation.

    If you are determined to undertake the monumental task of using Linux as a server for a Windows-only game, a good server OS would be Debian stable (Sarge).

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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