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Thread: sendmail issues

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    sendmail issues

    Please excuse my stupidity, but I'm wondering how i can set up an e-mail account...

    I run Fedora Core 3 and I have tried to use "Evolution" - I can send mail out, but I cannot recieve mail. I tried opening up the terminal, i did:

    telnet localhost 25 - That passed

    then I tried:

    telnet 25 - Connection refused

    Apparently I have to fix that some how, BUT how?

    Please note that you're speaking to a linux n00b. (not newb, but rather a stupid person ) So please, explain things easy for a thick headed person/

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    if u r using
    telnet 25 , first check whether your DNS is resolving or not ?

    for receiving mail within your LAN, u must start dovecot (IMAP). go to services & start dovecot. for receiving mail from outside (internet), your domain must be registered. & pliz have a look at /var/log/maillog. reply

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    First off, thanks for the reply.

    Ok, I got it started, changed evolutions settings, now what's my next step? It asks for a password? How do I add users?

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    hi, how did u get that started ? pliz let us know. for adding users,
    # man useradd
    go to "system settings", "users & groups" & then add.

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    I did it by the "Services" feature...

    I added the user "webmaster" and he runs in dovecot.. When i use him in evolution, it says "Server disconnected: Connection reset by pear"
    It says error scanning imap folders, too

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    first, what r u using for SMTP ?
    sendmail or postfix or qmail ?
    check whether it is running or not ?

    then , check whether dovecot is running or not ?

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    You need to setup POP3 or IMAP, I use POP3 and apopd as my daemon, Sendmail is just for sending email not reciving them.

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    Sendmail & dovecot are started...

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    Guys.... I am still in need of help and it appears you have let the thread die.

    This information MAY help... I have to use with an FTP server I think when I'm on windows.. (to run the smtp server) but this is imap... would this mean anything???

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    I use fetchmail to receive my email - you configure the .fetchmailrc file with details of the servers and users you want the mail for and it does the rest, passing it into your local sendmail system for delivery. man fetchmail will give you the details of the .fetchmailrc file.

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