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    Samba dont recognize "host allow" parameter in the share section...

    I got this error when i'm trying to limit shares to IP's:
    [2005/06/28 15:53:46, 0] param/loadparm.c:lp_do_parameter(3125)
    Ignoring unknown parameter "host allow"
    [2005/06/28 15:53:46, 0] param/loadparm.c:map_parameter(2435)
    Unknown parameter encountered: "host allow"

    It's to extrange, because with on a debian 3.0 it works fine. But this is a suse 9.1 and i get this f**ing error.

    I follow my smb.conf

    workgroup = OBRA
    interfaces = eth1
    bind interfaces only = true
    #map to guest = Bad User
    security = share
    encrypt passwords = yes
    server string = Servidor Dades Xarxa Dragados
    netbios name = SRV_dragados
    #add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd -c Machine -d /var/lib/nobody -s /bin/false %m$
    #domain master = yes
    time server = Yes
    #invalid user = root
    dns proxy = No
    #domain logons = yes
    #local master = No
    #preferred master = yes
    #os level = 65
    wins support = yes
    #passdb backend = smbpasswd:/etc/samba/smbpasswd
    #domain logons = yes
    #local master = yes
    #ldap suffix = dc=example,dc=com
    #ldap suffix = dc=example,dc=com

    comment = Dades Oficina Tecnica
    path = /Dades/ofitec
    force user = root
    force group = root
    read only = No
    create mask = 0755
    guest ok = yes
    #host allow = CPU04058 CPU04491 CPU04865 CPU3647
    host allow =
    #host deny = 172.27.32.*
    browseable = yes
    printable = no

    All other sharees are the same but changing IP's.

    Why it dosen't work? I tried an old version, a debian precompilated version, and i'm in the same...

    The actually running samba version is:
    Domain=[OBRA] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.9-2.6-SUSE]

    All shares are visible and are working fine, but the problem is that i can't limit the acces to each computer that i want.

    Some One can't Helps me?
    Thanks a lot,
    Best Regards
    Bruno Cabrera

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    i could be wrong here, but i have a feeling it should be:
    hosts allow = "hosts"
    where "hosts" is the hosts u wanna allow acess.
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