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    Linux Nubie - need a little samba direction

    Ok Ive been doing some reasearch around Samba and smbfs. But I'm still having issues mounting a smbfs network folder on a fedora server to a fedora client. The server is running samba because most its clients are using windows. But I need a linux client.

    Do I need samba intalled on my client?
    I just built this CPU with a clean install of Fedora. Are there any other preliminry actions i need to take?

    Help Please.....

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    Have you tried
    smbmount //<share location> /mountdir
    on the client.
    I'm not too sure if you need to have samba installed on the client, I would assume if it has smbmount then it should be fine.

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    Yea ive tried that and i get "bash: smbmount: command not found"

    This is a fresh install of Fedora Core 2, I'm not sure if I'm missing some key pieces to build this OS.

    I appreciate the help, let me know if you have any more suggestions.

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    Have you tried doing this as root
    smbmount //<share location> /mountdir
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    Yes, Ive allso tried:
    &#93;#  mount -t smbfs;/ncpfs/div3vol2 /mnt/div3vol2
    mount&#58; wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on;/ncpfs/div3vol2,
           or too many mounted file systems
    all with root..

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    Try this changing MY_WORKGROUP to your workgroup,
    modprobe smbfs; mount -t smbfs -o workgroup=MY_WORKGROUP // /mnt/div3vol2

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    you dont actually need samba server running in your linux samba client just to access the shared resources of your samba server box. Other way to access those samba shared or windows shared from you linux box is to use you file browser (nautilus for gnome, konqueror for kde) then at the location, just type smb://<ip-of-the-box-with-shared-resources>
    if promted a username and password, in linux server, try to enter the smbpasswd account, in windows, the especially 2k, or xp, those username that has access on the shared folder.

    also, if you want to access your linux box from a linux client, and on that box, you've installed ssh server, you can also use the file browser mentioned and just type sftp://<ip-of-that-box> and the user and password that you have on that box (system account) and you can access the home of that account you entered

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    For the benefit of the next person who has this problem and finds this page in a search engine:

    I had the same problem and it was becaues a key Debian/*Ubuntu package wasn't installed.

    % apt-get install smbfs

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