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Thread: Serverdistro ??

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    Serverdistro ??

    Hello. I am relatively fresh with Linux, and I wander what's the best distro for setting up a ftp / file server. I used Win 2000 server before but I think it is to big and 90 % percent of it is never used. The distro will also need to have a fairly good security.

    Can anyone give me some good advice ??

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    probably debain or freebsd since you can just install the necessary components for your software and the packaging system is simpler than rpms. But both debian and freebsd only have text menu based UI for install.

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    I would reccomend FreeBSD, but thats my opinion.

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    FreeBSD or Slackware out of Linux distros.
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    Security? If you want security use OpenBSD, might have to read the install manual twice before installing but when you're done it is going to be safe.

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    I recently updated to slackware. Slackware is a little different. i think it is more stable and solid. I was using fedora core 3 it was the easiest to configure and run and it was pretty stable without x. I was fine with fedora till I really got into slackware and noticed the power. My recommendation is to use Red Hat 9 or fedora to learn the learn open bsd or slackware and plan on converting latter.
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    any distro or bsd you want or like the best! personly i run servers an gentoo and used to run them on suse (on my 700mhz old laptop) it just comes down to what you are most comfortably with
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