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    REALLY newbie question - Apologies in advance

    Let me preface this post with a statement. This is NOT my question! I have no personal desire to obtain an answer other than to appease my boss.

    Here is what I get out of reading this... The person, who is questioning the method that the "DESIGNER" of the application has used in the O/S of which she is totally unfamiliar, would like to know if Sendmail is the correct method to accomplish this task.

    "Basically, we have a Red Hat box that is configured to act as a web server, this server will be running our corporate web site once it's finished. The person that was assigned this project is not the most technical in the world, and was assigned to this before my time. On the site that he has created, he would like to create an email link that will send email to a specific address on in our company. His solution to this is to run Send Mail from the web server to forward the information to our email server. Is this the correct method for this? It just seems strange to me, but then again I'm a Windows kind of girl."

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    Yep, that's right. Sendmail is the mail sender program for UNIX. It is also the MTA daemon. Why they are integrated in the same executable, I don't really know, but that probably has some really good historical reasons.
    In any case, sendmail is designed to take away the pain in designing a SMTP engine of one's own every time one want to automate to process of sending a mail; you basically pipe the mail message into sendmail and it sendsit for you. Just remember to get all your MIME headers right, or intermediate MTAs might not like your message and it will seem strange to the final recipient as well.

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