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Thread: Email Server

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    Email Server

    Right then, I have a file server and Domain controller done.... onto the next one, Email server.

    Was just wondering what is best to use, Postfix or Sendmail - bearing in mind I don't know much Linux so I was thinking postfix as itís easier to set up.

    I work in a small company which would probably serve about 50 email addresses. All clients are a member of "WORKDOMAIN" (using windows based OS, 2k and XP with SAMBA as the PDC) we have a registered internet domain of "" and "" (changed names for privacy reasons lol) the domain currently has emails going to it and its used on another company (fast hosts) hosting our emails, the idea is we want to host email internally so we have control of over email size attachments and administration of it, plus number of mailboxes.

    Trying to give as much info as possible here: is not used yet, I want to use both but to start practicing with one first. Each user has a UNIX account on the PDC and with SAMBA on the PDC machine, but NOT on the email server - is this a problem? Do I need to make sure each user is duplicated onto the Email server as well as the PDC? The distro we are using is Fedora Core 3 by the way.

    I know absolutely nothing about setting up an email server with Linux, I have downloaded a couple of E-books and gone to the Postfix website but itís gone completely in one ear and out the other so to speak. I think the domain is registered with a DNS server somewhere so it can work with emails but the one is new and hasnít been used before, I think I have to register with a DNS server but not sure how to do that - though that probably isnít a big problem at the moment. Do I need the email server to have a fixed IP address? All computers on our network are behind a router (has four ports and wireless capabilities, donít know how this will effect the communication to the email server if it has to be registered to a DNS??).

    Could someone please let me know how to set up an email server with clients accessing their email through Microsoft Outlook 2000? I also want to set up squirrel mail, I installed it but I canít seem to access the web page for it, any ideas (I even took the firewall down)?

    I know thereís probably allot to respond to on this thread but maybe it would really help others as well who are new to Linux and if it could be explained as fully as possible it would help me no end, or at least a link to a website that does actually tell me step-by-step how to set it up.

    Thank you ever so much for any help you can provide.

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    I like postfix

    also, once you setup the mail server there are several ways to test it, the easist being telnet

    connecting thru outlook is the same for any type of email server, just enter the correct server config.

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    Please check Trustix, I wouldn't recommend using Fedora Core on a production server (personally)

    and the Trustix wiki

    that has answers about PDC's and samba etc..

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    Postfix - Where can i call user defined mail program(Its in php)

    My server information is
    Fedora Core 3, Postfix mail server including Amavis running. My requirement before amavis i want to check the mail content, i wrote it in php program..
    Where can i call my php program( or

    Can anybody help me for this ...

    Advance thanks for this...

    with regards,

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    As with everything you will get a few options, I like exim.

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    pl i need in postfix..


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    ive followed this guide before here

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    Whoa whoa, hold up... Yo steve, how did you set up a domain controller? I am also very new to Linux and seem to be doing the same thing... except I've only got to the file server. Please let me know how you are setting up your network. That would help out so much. Thanks!

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