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    Hi guys

    I have dhcpd running without problems. However I would like to be able to force a certain ip to be released. Can I edit the file and remove the block entry for that ip or is there another way of doing it? I haven't found any tools to manage dhcpd (something like kcmdhcpd but for leases instead) does such a tool even exist? Or will I have to write one myself?


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    I'm answering my own question on this one, but I though others out there might benefit from my findings.

    I did find a utility called webmin. It doesn't just do dhcp stuff, its basically a web interface to manage all sorts of servers and services on a linux box. Kinda neet little utility. However it was a little bulky for my needs so I reviewed all the cgi pages and wrote an equivalent php script to edit dhcd.conf and dhcpd.leases. So in conclusion, its safe to edit dhcpd.leases to drop a lease as long as the file is locked before editing and dhcpd is restarted after the changes are made.

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    you'd answered this before I even got here, but thanks for that - I'm sure that'll come in handy for me here too. Cheers!

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