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    Web server/ftp server min hd usage for the nix install

    basically what I had in mind was to make a web server or ftp server, but..... i wanted to maximize the usage on space, I want the distro to take as little hd space as possible i was thinking dam small linux....but i know i could do better, I am not a nix expert but i know how to use google to find answers to my nix questions but this question needs an answer, i was thinking a nongui distro with the ability to serve files and or web pages, the ability to remote access it from another client computer and look at the logs,ability to upload changes remotely also...anyone have any reccomendations, the box i plan on using for this is a PII with 300 MB of ram, two hard drives one with like 3 gigs and the other has 8 gigs.
    Oh btw i will need some links to setting up the web server if anyone has any good links for begginers on setting and creating web servers I would appreciate it.

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    Well at your place I would consider Gentoo or FreeBSD, SlackWare also. If you take the time to read the docs to install & setup your server, I'm sure you can do it. I started a Gentoo installation 2 years ago with absoloutly no idea of what was Linux at this time, and today I can tweak Gentoo just as I want.

    Oh, about the space & Ram thing.. I run a Celeron 333 Mhz with 64 MB RAM and a 3 GB HD, I have 2 domains and ~25 accounts on this server.

    The services this server is running are:

    shoutcast (I rarely use this)
    ntpd ( If i rember well it was for the clock )

    So with 300 Mb RAM and 2 HD I bet you can do pretty much more than me.

    well, good luck


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