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    Forwarding an email

    I'm sure this is easy but I'm just not sure where to look. Like if it's a dovecot thing or not. I'm not really sure.

    I just need to forward an e-mail from one user to another while this user is away. In otherwords any e-mail sent to should end up in's mail box. It's such a simple thing but I'm really not sure how to go about it. Any help would be useful. If it makes a diffrence the forwarding will always be to the same server, I don't even need to have it auto forwarded somewheres else like hotmail.

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    Well, it does differ a bit from MTA to MTA, but generally, you can just put in a file called ".forward" (note that it's a dot-file) in your home directory.

    It's definitely not a Dovecot thing, though. Dovecot just access your mails, it doesn't handle them in transit, so it's an MTA thing.

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