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    Try monowall:

    it a light bootable CD distro (7Mb download!) that saves config to floppy. I run it on an old PII266 with 48Mb of RAM and it works fine (could do with a bit more RAM though).

    You admin it wia web interface, and if you follow the docs or now your networking you'll work it out pretty quick.

    I tried a few including smoothwall and ip cop, but this is the best featured, most pro I've tried. This compares to kit worth a few hundered quid.

    It's easy to try as it runs from CD. I couldn't live without it now!
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    Re: DHCP Server/Firewall

    Quote Originally Posted by Smokechaser420
    I am new to linux and this is my first time trying anything with it...

    I am planning on setting up a DHCP Server/Firewall out of an older system... it's a AMD K6-2 550MHz w/ 160MB RAM. I have SUSE 9.1 Enterprise Server and am wondering if that would be ok to use for this setup and how hard it is to configure. Would there be a better distro to use instead?

    I know how to set this up on windows 2k server and 2k3 server, but as I stated earlier, I am new to linux... any help would be appreciated... thanks.
    For better use of SuSE 9.1 Enterprise Server you should have 512 to run it very smooth. With 256 you can also run it, but it would be that smooth.

    I'm running my firewall, dhcp server, samba fileserver and apache server. With 256 you can run it good. But the more traffic you've got to the firewall/samba/apache the more memory you need
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