Here's the deal. Until recently I had never used LINUX before. A friend got me interested in webservers and I went and picked up my own to host my sites on, and to just learn LINUX'. Its currently running RH9.

In any case... I love it. The fact I have had it running for months w/o a reboot or any noticeable slowdown its amazing.

My question is this: In the near future a company who I am involved with is hosting a game tournament online. We want to be able to send data from a source PC (just a PC hooked into the video out of a TV thats spectating the game at hand) and upload it live to my server and then allow people who have the password (emailed daily to the members of the site) to be able to login and view the live stream of the tournament.

I obviously expect some lag, and little issues like that... but I thought it'd be great outside of posting scores every hour to spectate the matches and then stream live to the net. Because it'd be a few seconds (minimum) behind it'd also ensure peoples friends who are watching probably wont be able to give 3rd party cheating (I might give it 2mins or more behind to be safe).

In any case... what software would do this? The cheaper the better cause this is something coming out of my pocket for now and I just got married so you guys can understand how I wont see any money for a lil bit til thats all taken care

Thanks again... I did try a search, but 2000+ results are a bit too much to read through.