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    Apache server with a VIA EPIA CL6000 C3 board (mini-ITX)

    Hey guys. I was interested in setting up a little web server for myself. My thing is though i'm like a big noise freak so I need a rig that is going to be completely silent, I also want to leave the machine on pretty much 24x7.

    I've been looking at the VIA EPIA C3 boards. These are the mini-ITX boards that do not require a fan for the processor. Here is a link to some of them:

    My question is, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this architecture and trying to install Linux on them, and also running a semi demanding service on them. I've read some web sites where people have successfully installed Linux on them, but I'd like to hear of some stories first hand perhaps, or what you guys think of this idea. I do not intend for the web server to get a ton of hits or anything, just something I can kind of mess around with.

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    Not a problem at all.

    A lot of peole run them on old slower boards that you can pick up off ebay - they tipically dont have fans. Be aware though that if you get an old one (eg C3) that you can't use an i686 compiled distro like Arch linux.

    These things will be plenty powerful enough for most things.

    For example, I run my web server (with PHP and MySQL) on a PII 350 with 128Mb of RAM. It has about 4 virtual sites and gets hit quite a lot sometimes. If I had a lot more bandwidth and hits I'd probably need to invest in more RAM though.
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