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    how do i set this up???

    Im very new to linux and even worse new to server technology.
    I have a need to set up a server for personal use. firstly because at work im am working mor and more with server technology and secondly because iīm working on php projects.

    I canīt stand it when I donīt know the ins and outs of something so i want to set up a server environment at home so that iīll learn by doing and not from seeing!

    so ...

    ive got a - adsl internet connection
    - a wirless connection to the router
    - windows xp(wireless)

    -Another PC with linux 9.0
    - cable connection to ADSL

    my questions are.....

    Is it possible to set up a server with my wireless machine? and which software will i need to install to do this?..My OP is suse 9.0 personal.

    is there an easy way to do this??

    thany for any comments


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    You can set it up on your wireless machine, you'll probably need to download ndiswrapper (you should be able to get it through YAST), and then use the windows drivers.

    For the server software, you'll want Apache (1.3 or 2.0, up to you), PHP (4.4 or 5.0, once again up to you), probably an FTP server (I use ProFTPD, see what's available on YAST, easier than grabbing the source), and possibly MySQL (which confuses me so I won't go further). Then it's really a case of reading the documentation to set them up.
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    sorry--got muddled up!!

    i want the server installed on my linux machine. I will be using the windows machine to test the server. so everthing that will be installed will be in Linux suse 9.0, not on Win xp.
    sorry for the confusion.

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    Right, I skimmed it over and missed that, my fault. Well, it's basically the same, except you won't need ndiswrapper.

    To set it up remotely, I have no knowledge of how to install programs remotely with whatever tools SuSE provides for it, however configuring it and working on it once running is relatively easy. You'll need PuTTY to connect via SSH (make sure you have SSHD installed and running at boot).
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    software requirements

    So i need the server itsself-Apache linux 1,3

    then Putty( donīt know what that does)

    and then php

    and then MySql
    anything else?

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    PuTTY is a windows program for connecting to your server via SSH, for command line access (that's where I suggest doing all of the work), you may also way an FTP server (easy file uploading), I use ProFTPD, there are probably several choices in YAST.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    cheers. i think i have enough to keep my occupied for the next year.

    until later!

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