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Thread: Samba Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by boiseneon
    would you paste your script on here so I can compare it?...also how do I find out what version of samba that I am running?
    ermmm sorry, i did not "paste" my script here, in fact, i copied what you did earlier (the "slimmed" version) and it works for me ....

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    it doesn't work on mine...wonder why????

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    I think that the problem had something to do with KDE. I reinstalled linux without any gui interface and now it works fine...I just have to do everything in the command line the way how do I tell linux to start samba when it boots?

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    Running samba when you boot? Run:


    and add samba to the runlevel that you're using. I believe it works nicely in text mode, but works best from X.

    btw have you tried re-installing KDE again to see if it breaks your samba system? You can always uninstall it again afterwards if it does...

    And what about gnome? Does that interfere with samba too?
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    imho, nothing to do with KDE at all.

    and, if you're using redhat based distro, try this to make samba start automatically:

    chkconfig smb on

    (or chkconfig smbd on, not with my linux box at the moment, good luck)

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