We are using exim as our MTA and would like to know how to set the following up. I will explain with an example:

Bob has an autoreply set. John sends Bob and email and receives Bob's autoreply. John sends bob another email, but doesn't receive the autoreply. If Mary sends Bob an email, she will receive the autoreply. However, a week later (after receiving the autoreply), if John sends Bob another email, he will receive the autoreply.

So, what I am asking is how to set up exim to send someone's autoreply only once per week to any user that emails the user with the autoreply set.

Looking back at the example, John receive the autoreply only once per week. Mary receives the autoreply only once per week.

We used to use sendmail, and we had it set up this way, but we can't find how to do it with exim.

Thanks in advance for your help.