I installed my Ubuntu server with Cyrus Imap. I actually managed to copy over the mailboxes from my old Gentoo server.

But I have a problem authenticating using sasldb. I created passwords for my users, including the cyrus user using saslpasswd2 -c <user>.
sasldblistusers2 shows them fine with UserPassword.

Whe I try to connect using either an Imap client or cyradm, I get this error in the logs:

cyrus/imapd[975]: badlogin: localhost.localdomain[] DIGEST-MD5 [SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database]

The only authentication that works (from Evolution) is GSSAPI. But cyradm does not seem to do this either.

I need to run cyradm to create new mailboxes, so I'm kinda stuck for now...