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Thread: Apache Issues

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    Apache Issues

    Okay, I have gone through this forum and no previous post has helped me out. I am currently running Linux, through internet connection sharing.

    My Windows 2000 Professional computer gets the internet service( dialup) and then it send it to the linux box which works. Currently I am typing on Linux now.

    I know that I have to change IPs since mine is not static, but I was wondering how exactly do I set apache up for the internet. From any networked computer I can view the website that I have setup through apache, but anyone that is outside of the network cannot access the website? I am unsure of how to do anything with ICS as far as unblocking ports and stuff.

    Any help is appreciated, Matt.

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    If i understand your question correctly,you use a non-routable ip that is assignd to your box from your dhcp server via ICS. The from just inside the network your use or whatever your internal ip is. This needs to be in you http.conf file. You tell http.conf to use your ip as a sudo name. Actually you have no name at all and just go off fixed ip from your internal net.

    I'm assuming you want a intranet?

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    No, I want an internet and an intranet. The intranet works perfectly well. Now I just need it to be accessible to the outside from my box. Say my friend wants to access the site from his house, he should be able to.

    This will only be accessed by a very small ammount of people, probably 6 at most. So I am thinking about 2 at any given time.

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    IMO the easiest thing for you to do is to purchase a router...

    because you have a dynamic external IP, this will make serving any long term website from your connection a bit of a problem, but there are ways around this.

    Firstly, you need to make the IP address on the linux machine Static.

    After you have done this, you need to setup port forwarding on your windows machine to forward requests incomming on port 80 to the linux box (on port 80). On windows 2000, i have no idea how this is done, I did hear rumors of needing a registry modification, your best bet to google for windows 2000 port forwarding.

    If you have IIS installed and running on your windows machine, TURN IT OFF BEFORE doing the portforwarding stuff.

    After doing that, you will need to configure any firewall you currently have running on your windows box to allow traffic on port 80 incoming.

    After that, you should be able to give someone your EXTERNAL ip address, and they should see the website served from your apache box.

    Becuase of your dynamic IP, sign up for a free service like, which gives you a sub-domain name, and when your IP address changes you can install software to automatically point the subdomain to the new IP address.


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