I use apt-get for rpm for my systems and I have a few repositories. For the most part it's beautiful. I have it do nightly updates and I have an awesome graphical installer (Synaptic) to install other applications. I also set up a Linux box (CentOS) at my work which I use with SugarCRM to keep track of appointments, contacts, etc. I used apt-get there for updates. I used the same repositories at work as I do for my home system. The other day I was told they couldn't get into SugarCRM. We had a bad storm and it wasn't on a UPS so we thought it got corrupted. I use Webmin as a GUI tool to MySQL (along with other servers) and I received a message saying it couldn't connect please update your client. I upgraded the client but no matter what I did I couldn't get it back. I tried a million different things including reinstalling the old server/client, etc., upgrading everything to 5.x, downgrading to 3.x, back to 4.0 then 4.1, and I couldn't get it to work. I tried upgrading openssl-0-9-7a to openssl-0-9-7f because the new php-mysql rpm needed it and it screwed up every package in my system. It told me of dependency issues but it was a minor patch practically so I forced an upgrade. Why a minor upgrade would is beyond me. I tried using apt-get to fix it (with their repair tool) and instead it deleted every broken package which crippled the system. I had to redo the system and as soon as I updated the system again it did it again. I don't use MySQL much on my system but I checked and it didn't work either anymore. From what I gathered one of my repositories updating something with mysql and the rest was left alone, it somehow broke mysql from being able to communicate with the client. Frankly this has me concerned. I've been using apt-get for over 6 months and I haven't seen an issue to this extreme before. Luckily it was only up at work 1 day so nothing was really lost (I backed up mysql before it got totally broke, although I'm struggling getting the info back into SugarCRM) but I'm worried 3 months down the line when this is heavily used. So my questions are: Are there any safe repositories for CentOS (RHEL4 clone)? Why would a minor upgrade on OpenSSL not upgrade or worse corrupt it and how would I work around it?