I have 2 servers. lets call one the ftp server and lets call the other the fileserver.
file server has samba server running with shares and permisions and all that good stuff.

Ftp server has mounted one of the shares from the fileserver. one of these shares is open read/write to everyone on the LAN.
on the ftp server in every user's home folder I made a symbolic link to the mounted share (lets call it /ftp)
if I ftp into the ftp server and access /ftp its read only
this is good. mounting the filesystem as caused it to be root:root with drwxr-xr-x

inside this share is a few folders, (this ftp is for personal friends and we sahre alot of home made movies/photography for an aviation website we are part of) one of them Icreated called uploads.
how do I go abouts making uplads 777? so that the users can log into it and upload there stuff.
if I log into the ftp server and try to chmod it I get a operation not permited.

this should be simple in theory but this post seems to make it overly complicated

if you don't understand something just ask.