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    Got my server suggestions?

    I got my apache2 server up...
    SuSe 9.3 with the firewall on, and it allows http (port 80)
    I got a fairly complex root password.
    i have set in httpd.conf for it to not let / access, but i have allowed other dirs in /srv/www/htdocs

    thats about it...
    my server is in my sig.
    any suggestions on what i can do to make my server more secure, or am i alright?

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    I think you covered the main bases there, really.

    I would recommend reviewing your apache logs on a regular basis as well as your basic system logs, but I really can't think of anything major you would have to worry about for a simple website.

    I feel like I am missing something, but at this point, nothing is coming to mind!
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    do not allow root login via SSH.
    so users HAVE to log in as a regular user and then su to root account.

    just one extra little security measure for the server itself


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    Well, being as you have already covered some of your most important bases (ie, Apache is the only visible port on your computer) There are really 3 big things to focus on when securing a webserver.

    1. Remove un-used modules. More modules == more possible security flaws, so keep those loaded to a minimum, if you don't need any, don't use any.
    2. Proper permissions, this one is far more complicated, but basicaly apache shouldn't be running as root, and write/execute permissions for the web user should be kept at an absolute minimum.
    3. Perhaps the one greatest security enhancement possible is running apache from a chroot jail, but this no easy task, especaily if you are trying to serve dynamic content.

    Google will have more on how to complete these task, but I hope this helps.
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    thanks looking into all of what was suggested

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