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    Need help with my server

    I installed Ubuntu with the server installtion, so know I have a desktopless computer running Apache2.

    I've installed apache with MySQL and PHP according to the instructions on I've installed Samba according to the same instructions.

    First priority problem:
    When I try to add files, delete files, or replace files on my server via samba from my dektop computer it asks me for a login, domain and password, as a ubuntuguide-fan I used that to create samba users too, but it just won't work. How do I fix this?

    Second priority problem:
    How do I config apache to let out-of-network connections in? If I connect through the network-adress it works fine, but not from my external IP (and no one from outside the network can use the external IP either).

    Additional question for the boored expert:
    If I want to backup my server, since it will be ran on my desktop computer in about a week or two, what do I need to backup? There will be a forum and an image gallery which utilises MySQL.

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    With Samba, check to see whether you're using encrypted passwords. If you are, then you need to establish each users password seperately to the main account password. Alternatively, turn on plain text passwords for the windows machines that are connecting. You might also have a username issue - make sure the windows machine is using the same username for its logons as the Linux machine - if not, set up the smb user aliases to handle the mapping.

    For your web server, I believe you have a firewall problem. Your web server is working, but you can only connect from inside your lan. Take a good long look at your iptables rules, and add a few extra ones to allow port 80 connections from your public address.
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    that, or you may have to get ur router to listen to port 80 if u have a router

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