Hi all,

My e-business is just want to make a web site with mysql database + php, to make a online sell goods web site, like clothes, eyewear, and other gifts.

So, I am trouble of choose which disct. is good for like that, my motherboard don't support RAID onboard, and I am the company's only IT people, but all of my skill is learn from book.

I want a disct. (Like centos, or debian, or fedora, or other good and easy to management disct that meet my server need, need easy to fix the package depend problems, since I will need install web mail e-mail, such as squirral, open web mail or other like this etc.)

you only suggest centos, do it is easy to update the bugs from the command line interface?? Or the service is all free? Since my boss is not a big company, we are Hong Kong's small business, he decided build up e-business also thinking a long long time then ask me do for it. So the main point of this server is need meet the easy to update bugs, and kernal automatic, and setting up other server such as bind (DNS), sendmail (mail) + a web mail (Don't know which one is better, much support Chinese Traditional, English, better is support all over the world language), apache, ftp server, and NAT (Three network is better, if it is a inf. like DMZ, NAT, Internet and Intranet, but can let ICQ, MSN, or other like www, ftp, bind, sendmail to pass the port)

Above server or service is all of my need in one box, we haven't any server, this one is company's only one now set up by me...

And the hardware on this server is ..

Intel D915GAVL Motherboard
P4 531 3.0GHz CPU with EM64T support
Corsair 512MB X2 ram DDR 400
Maxtor 200GB ATA 133 with 16M cache
A CD-Rom
430W Power supply

Do my hardware main the motherboard can install Linux?

hope who one give me better how to do suggest on this need, thx for your time.

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