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    MINIMUM processor

    i want to put an apace server and a ftp server on a 150mhz PC that can do 200mhz. what version of linux can i use? should i even bother? i have nothing else to do with that pc so...

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    try it!! im running an apache server along with tons of other apps at the same time on a 350mhz, pentium 2 processor with 64MB ram and it works like a charm. i would imagine you could do the same, especially if your only using it for a server (unlike me).

    im using debian 3.1 ( ). theres a great helpful site for debian, including its install: . heres the part to set up an apache webserver: .



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    i got a lot of iso's to downlaod for fedora... all of them must be downloaded. do you thin it'll run on 16mb ram?

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    Yeah, it should run, although it might flag a little at times. Try to make sure you keep background services to a minimum, and dont install memory-intensive stuff like the squid proxy cache. It also might help if you keep the web-server features to a minimum (no server-side includes, or PHP/mysql etc., cos these will slow things down with small amounts of memory).
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    That's not a MINIMUM processor. 486 is more minimum than that, but it's do-able. Any distro should be okay with that processor, but performance, etc will be most affected by what extras you run on it. If you want a GUI, you should research your options and stay away from Gnome.
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    I have a P2 350 also...just for having a web server and ftp, you don't need much. Your RAM and bandwidth are going to be more important than your processor. If you can dump a lot of RAM in there, maybe 256 or more (I could only go to 256 on my P2), you won't notice much flagging unless you get a ton of activity/downloaders.

    And really, if you are just using it for those two services, once you have it setup, you will probably not even need your monitor, as you won't need to ever "sit" at it:)
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    a small distro like Slackware or Secure linux would be just fine on that hardware
    Linux uses what it has and would run just fine on that system.

    don't exept it to serv a 3 gig website wth 10000 hits per minute mind you but a nice site with moderate traffic will be JUST fine.

    you don't need a xeon 3.6 to run linux

    I had a pentium pro 200 with slackware on it for a few years and the thing is STILL running. my friend takes care of it now and not me but it is still running to this day. hdd is full though


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    thanks very much...i'll try it soon.

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