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    DHCP/IP Changing...

    I'm running an apache server from my Debian box with PHP and MySQL running properly. I also have phpMyAdmin to help me manage the MySQL DBs. So far its all working alright. (Note: I'm also thru a Linksys router and use DHCP)

    Here's the "problem"
    Quite often my inet addr (found thru 'ifconfig') changes quite often (the ethernet cord gets unplugged then plugged back in daily). Since I'm thru a router, everytime this changes I must go into the router admin page and change port 80 to forward to the new inet addr. Also, my IP Address changes (the one i would give to others to view my pages). When this changes I have to go into the phpMyAdmin configuration file and change it.

    Is there anyway I could automate things to change, or to safely keep the same IP address and inet addr?


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    As for your internal IP, you could choose to not use DHCP. I even think you can assign some IPs statically, outside of the DHCP range, so you can at least control that aspect. I must admit, that I have 4 computers at home and they always seem to keep the same IP, even though they are turned off and on throughout the day...maybe extending the default lease period could minimize that without going static...

    As for the external IP, I have heard a lot about dynamicDNS or, or something like that. My router actually has some control panels that I can plug into sites like that. I would assume it would just poll the IP address and update it automatically. There is also other software that can go do this also.

    Now, I have not done any of this personally, but I believe those are your options. So far, my external IP has not changed (it has been about 9 months), but when/if it does, I will have to make a few manual changes (DNS records), but that should be it. All of my configs (such as phpmyadmin) are using either the local IP or my domain name, so you shouldn't have to worry about changing anything but DNS entries if you have everything setup like that.
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