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    qmail neverending bounces

    I have a problem with my qmail

    i use vpopmail, my server supports 3 domains.
    The problem is when i send mail to not existing user
    qmail creates file, containig that mail address in queue/bounce
    with "Sorry, no mailbox by that name..." ans starts neverending bouce, which
    i can see in my logs "warning: trouble injecting bounce message..."
    How may i solve this problem and make those erornous messages to be returned to sender?
    As for now they just stays in that directory and sender is not notified
    about not existing mailbox...
    Thank you

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    additional info

    Ok, there's what i could dig out more:

    is written the folowing line:
    |/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

    but it doesn't work - on sending mail to not existed user, qmail log shows:
    "sorry_no_mailbox...." after that it tires to send (as I think) notification
    to sender, bet it fails
    with "trouble injecting bounce..." message.

    So I tried the other thing:
    to redirect any non-existing mailbox to one user

    so in .qmail-default file i entered the folowing line:
    |/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /home/vpopmail/domains/
    An guess what? - all undeliverable mails are redirected to this user.

    So just the bounce-no-mailbox doesn't work
    Does anyone has any ideas i this one... - I'm desperate, - sender do not
    receive notivication, if they send mail to
    non-existing users

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    Sorry never used qmail i use exim

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    OK, just found the problem:
    there was wrong permisions on qmail-queue, - group was uneble to execute it

    it filled 2 mail logs while daemon resent all failure notices to users from queue

    Qmail rules

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    Qmail might be good, but its under a fascist-license

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