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    Wondering if its posible to run a server on a dynamic ip?

    I dont know much about linux but I have been thinking about trying to set up a web server on either madriva or ubuntu linux and I have DSL and no Static Ip. One of my friends says its not posible but I am hopping he is wrong. Any help would be greatly appreacitated. Thanks.

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    its possible, trying to figure that out myself currently, if you own a domain name you will even be able to use some dns servers to automatically update your dynamic ip to your registrar...
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    You can always use, but that doesn't provide *real* domain names IIRC. Loft306 knows of one offshore (US) that provides dynamic DNS services, but I can't remember it. I'll get back to you on that...
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    Yeah as sarumont says it is totally possible!

    I started with '' with a ( a 2nd level domainname) and am currently on '' with a real domainname and a dynamic ip.

    All you do is sign up for a re-directed dns account and they are free... at both companies then you simply run a script on your puter that updates the dns info each time the ip changes or every 28 days (if it decides not to change for a while as not to be dumped) or if you are on a router like a linksys, d-link or netgear then they have an update script for a few companies built into the router that you just configure

    I use ddclient as the script to update my dns info
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    I have got the dns workign but I have been having toruble with port forwarding on my actiontec router that you get free from qwest. Do I have to buy a new modem and router. I have changed the port to things other than the defults so I dont think my isp is blocking the port. Im not sure what I should do.

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