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    DNS failure but ping ok

    hi all,

    Im new to server configs and setup(i was hired as a programmer actually)

    we got a problem with our domain.

    its returns an error below:

    Cannot find server or DNS Error

    we use Confixx3 to configure our REMOTE server via WEB BROWSER

    I tried to ping here and it seems that its ok, we can receive data from the server.

    My boss did some configuration with the DNS server yesterday and got into trouble. He tried to set the settings to default but it doesn't work anymore .

    our setup is like this: (dot com host) ----> (Email admin server host - this is where the he did the configuration) -------> (this where we configure CONFIXX) .

    my confixx is confixx3.

    Actually our new domain is (down)( - used by (its old domain & expiring)). So I cant access the new domain server via confixx3.

    Also i talked the tech personel on the hosting server. this was his replies:

    tech. Jakob // says(from a remote host germany):
    he says:
    I have just made a traceroute for the domain.
    It connects to your virtual server very good.
    Therefore, it can only be a misconfiguration on the server,
    Unfortunately we do not have access to your server.

    If you use Confixx:
    Check if any webhotel is set up for the domain.

    If you dont use Confixx:
    Check if any virtual host is set up for the domain.

    Good day to you sir, still 3 of our websites are currently down. Just like you said, our is under via a virtual host bought from . Yes we used Confixx for the configuration for these sites but we also don’t have access to it right now, since is also down (to access Confixx). So there’s no way for us to access the configurations. Also we made some changes in the dns server last week and we think that it might have something to do with current problem.

    ( doesnt care replying =( to my req.)

    You can always access Confixx on you server, by using your servers IP-adress as URL.

    me(confused) :
    we can`t get access to the server here is our IP:

    he replied to my danish boss:

    I bliver nok nød til at gøre noget via SSH eller VPS-Admin panelet ...
    ( i dont understand this but i think he says that i will be using SSH to configure the server). now i downloaded Putty.exe
    from to see if it will help. but dont know how to use(im trying though-unix style).

    btw i can access the via FTP, telnet only not http and our server is in germany. but i can't access confixx remotely via web browser

    can i run/configure/access confixx3 via ftp/telnet remotely? Since i connot access confixx via web browser will i have to install confixx locally?

    How am i going to get over these guys? thanks for your thoughts and will be very much appreciated

    Regards and thanks


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    It looks to me like your web server service on the remote machine is down, try logging in and checking its status.

    Your boss is right, too: configure SSH to log in and use a terminal - that will at least guarantee that what you send and receive from the server will be encrypted (including any passwords). If you're doing it from a windows machine, you might find it easier to use cygwin rather than putty (I know I do, but then I'm used to using Linux).
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