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    Multiple connections(servers)

    I have a question
    Is it possible to put the same file on two servers in different locations with two different connections, so they upload it together and client gets faster download speed because the upload speed get twice as faster.
    The main purpose of it is to make downloading 80kb/s from two servers with 40kb/s connection.
    (All the speed are upload speeds)
    If anyone could help me it's would be great!

    Thank you.

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    It is actually an issue on client side. You may supply client with a list of mirrors, and he/she in his download manager will add this as an alternate location, then for example, client will split file on 10 parts, and part 1-5 will be downloaded from one location, when parts 5-10 from other one.

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    Look for multilink scripts on the internet. Ive got 5x 100mb network interfaces with multilink scripts running to one.
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    the idea with many parts on diferent servers is good but i don't want users to deal with extra software...
    the multi link is just right thing for me but i didn't get it how t use it (what scripts to use...???) I didn't found any multi link software(scripts)
    and is it possible to find scripts not just for linux?(windows)(which i didn't found )

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