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    Server Reccomendations

    Ok, I had a question for you all. I have Mandrake 2005 LE, and am currently using it as a workstation/multimedia player/server, with OpenSSH, and VSFTPD running on here. I have mostly been using them to run BASH programs on my windows 2000 machine. I tried running mplayer under a SSH session and found out all output is put out through the host machine. Are there any Telnet like server daemons that allow for stuff like Video and Audio (from something like Mplayer) output without the clunkyness of using VNC, or having to cache stuff and use more processor on the client machine? My network is 54mbps G wireless, and both computers are fast (servers a 2400+ XP Athlon with 512mb memory, windows client is 2800+ XP Athlon with 768mb memory.)

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    Well, you can easily forward X over ssh between two Linux machines (or two machines running X). I don't know if that is possible between a Linux (host) machine and Windows (client) machine. My guess is: no.

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    How about sharing the audio and video files on the Linux machine using Samba, and using a player on the Windows machine (WinAmp or RealPlayer, or summat like that) to play them.
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    Best solution...

    I use the solution provided by Roxoff... It's the best....

    Using a remote X server for displaying video is not possible, because images are uncompressed and video has at least 25 frames per sencond (calculate yourself the byte rate... I've used a 100M lan and video is too slow!)
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