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Thread: Server Advice

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    Server Advice

    I want to setup a Fedora Core 4 File/Server. I got a 1 Gig AMD Machine I bulit myself. Will that be sturdy enough for a small lan of say 5 computers? I plan on putting in a large hdd and using it for music and files. Maybe even move the home folders there if possible for ease of backups. Its got 512mb of Ram. And advice on things to look out for when setting up a server. Also it will be headless.
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    Yes, it's easy big enough.

    If you're file serving to windows, read the man pages for samba, smb.conf for how to configure network shares using the smb filesystem.

    If you're file serving to Linux machines, look into NFS for sharing directories on the lan.

    If this is gonna be a Linux network, you need to share /home to all linux mahcines or the individual /home/<user> directories using automount. You'll also need an authentication service such as YP/NIS to share the user and group information across the lan. These are easy to do too.
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