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    a linux server can auto reboot if it dead?

    i have a mdk 10.1 make a iptables server ,
    it sometime dead about 2 week to mouth.
    everytime it need touch reset key to reboot.
    have anyware can set it auto-reboot?

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    You mean if it's frozen or something like that? I don't think so.. what you can do is set up a cronjob (look at Google for more info) and use the "shutdown -r now" command to reboot the server every 4 days for example.
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    It might be better to try and fix the problem that is causing it to hang. This could be anything from a hardware failure or a bios setting to a system service misconfigured.

    As a sysadmin, it is good practice to try and find out what is failing when something goes wrong rather than just try to paper over the cracks. Start by looking through the system logs and seeing if there is anything in there that reports just before it fails.

    If you cant find the problem in the logs, then I'd start being very suspicious about the hardware. My server started just stopping and needed resetting every few days recently, I changed the power supply (I bought an ultra-quiet one for 15 - thats about US$20) and it's been fine ever since. Also, you may find that your bios settings have some kinds of system reset capability, but I'd be surprised if it can detect a system hang.
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