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    Newbie samba quesiotn on Suse

    Hi everyone,
    I just installed Suse (which I just downloaded from website - 5 cds). It did install normally without any problems.

    Now, what I mainly want to do is to use linux as a samba server in a windows xp home LAN (24 PCs) where I will store users docs etc, as well as file server for mp3, movies etc etc.

    But so far I do not even know if samba has been installed!!! That is because I am a windows user! And yes, I try to change, I try hard learn linux as well, but for the time I need samba server and I need to have this LAN up and running within a week so mainwhile could someone help just telling me :
    1. how will I understand if samba server has been installed?
    2. And if it is not installed how will I install it?
    3. I do have Samba from the site but I have it in two directories with different version like version 2.2 and 3.0. And inside version 3.0 it has a directory i386 that has other versions like 10.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 etc. So which one should I install?
    I m really confused on that !!!!
    4. Is there some sort of GUI for managing the samba for sharing directories managing users/groups/workgroups etc?

    Please help!!!!!



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    iirc, samba 3 is available on your suse cd/dvd. Launch yast -> install software and search for samba.,if there is a tick next to the box in searchr esults, then samba is installed. SWAT is a web based gui which you can use to configure your samba server.

    However i find that it is better to edit the config files directly (it really is not that difficult). To makeyour task easier, there is a helpful document which can be found by a google search "The unofficial SAMBA howto"

    hope this helps.
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