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    Server Connection Help

    Hello all

    I'm kinda a newbie to Linux, but so far I have experimented a little bit with RedHat. I installed apache and can run it. I have a westell router and i can view my server by typing in my local address from my main (windows) computer. ~ I went to and found out my (real) ip address from my linux and windows computer to be the same. When I type the address into the browser from both computers and another (friend's), I get the reply: "the connection was refused..." I can 'ping' the address from both computers, and from another (friend's) computer (outside the network) and I get a reply. Although verizon provides me with a dynamic IP address, the address I get from never changes. So I was wondering if I have to change something so that people not on the network can view my server. Can someone help me out??


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    You need to configure your router to forward any inbound traffic on port 80 to your server using its local IP What happens at the minute is when you request your web server externally it tries to ask your router for a reply on port 80 and as your router doesn't have anything running on port 80 externally it blocks it. It doesn't what to do with the traffic so it drops it.
    On a side note, you have "Network Address Translation" (NAT) which means that all your computer on your private network share the same external IP. This helps with your privacy and security as it means all your traffic is checked by the router and is also cheaper as public IPs are in high demand so you would have to pay extra if you requested a static IP or more than one IP for your different machines.
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    After configuring port forwarding on your router, people outside your network will be able to see you, but you probably won't be able to see from inside your network...generally how routers work...but anyone not in your network will be able to see you...just remember that locally you'll still have to point your browser to your local ip...
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    Ok well I changed some things around and now I am able to view my site by typing in my local ip address ~ and also from my WAN ip address... ~ 70.180.x.x. But when I ask my friends if they can view it from thier computers... they receive the error "server not found" or something similar to that. I port forwarded port 80 TCP and UDP with the host as ~ (server). Any other ideas?


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    I was wondering if you happened to resolve your issue. I'm interested as I have an exact same problem, I'm on LAN and when I type my internal IP I can see the site on my PC. But when I type my external IP I can't see it and people from the outside of the LAN cannot see it either. Any clues? I'd appreciate any info. Thank you.

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    Well I sort of fixed it...

    I think I port-forwarded port 80, TCP and UDP (or tried) on my router to the local address for my server. Now I can view my server by typing in my WAN address but now I CAN'T view it from its local address. Also, someone from outside my network still can't view the server. Weird, I have given up for now, since I have school and other things to worry about for now, but if I advance in figuring out something else, I will let you know.

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    Im having same problem with verizon, they may be blocking port 80.. Theres a site to see but I forget where?

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    Here you can have your ports scanned.

    But make shure your ISP will allow you to set up a server before you go and try.
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