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    new cmputer/distro/server

    hi i just got a donated p2 266mhz computer from the cemetary (my closet). so all i wanted to know is the following:

    *what distro will give me an ftp server/ apache server/ and sshd
    * dont need gfx on this computer as it is not being controlled directly (gonna control it throught ssh)

    * how do i configure the out bound access from this computer to only and its associates and

    * last of all i need to know if all this is possible to do in under 300mb because i only have a 2 gig hard disk and want to set it up as an INTRANET server for ftp and webhostin on my lan. i dont want it to host to the internet because of obvious reasons (hackers mostly and warez infestation)

    any help would be appreciated

    also i have SuSe 7.2 on this computer right now but its a very bulky os so i would like to cut it down to size but i want to get used to doing everything through cmd promt. can some one tell me a site that explains how to edit apache thought cmd prompt?

    again all help is appreiciated

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    A1, All common distros.
    A2, Yes you do to install the distro but not after.
    A3, Use a fierwall.
    A4, Yes just do a minumum install and install what you need.
    A5, You configure apache using the apache.conf which you can open from the command line using any text editor eg.. vi, pico, ee, nano etc..

    Hope that helps you should goto apaches website it has a welth of info, Also PureFTPD is a good FTPd i beleve a few people here use it.

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    PureFTPd is the server i use... i have it setto startonbootand i forget about it :P it's really easy to configure, too...
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