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    mounting samba share for a user


    I have a file server that runs Samba. works like a charm. it has user directories plus shares I have created.
    what I want to do is mount my home directory share on my other linux machine.

    lets create a little map to clear things up:

    fileserver name: lumafs01
    linuxmachine name: redhatserver
    myuser: luma

    I have a account on the file server in samba with user name of luma
    on redhatserver I have a user called luma with same password as luma on lumafs01

    in windows this works great. (on windows I have a user luma wiht same password as well) I can acess my home directory, write to it, all works well
    on redhatserver though here is what I do and here is what happens:

    mount -t smbfs //lumafs01/luma /home-on-lumafs01 -o username=luma,password=fakepassword123

    /home/luma/home-on-lumafs01 belongs to luma.
    after I run the above command home-on-lumafs01 becomes root and if I go in that folder I can't create folders etc, can only read

    what am I doing wrong?

    thank you much


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    mount -t smbfs -o username=luma,password=fakepassword123 //lumafs01/luma /home-on-lumafs01

    Or, even better,

    export the filesystem using NFS on the server, and mount it that way on the client.
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