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    Problem with Samba sharing and XP

    Hi all

    I have setup a Samba server and plugged it in a 20 Windows XP PCs LAN. Now what I m trying to achieve is all my windows PCs to be able to see just a simple Samba share. I tried to do that by using the following config:

    encrypt passwords=yes
    guest accounts=smbguest
    netbios name= Myserver
    socket options= TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
    wins support=yes

    read only=no
    guest ok=yes
    guest only=yes

    Now everything is fine and from my windows XP PC I can access it except one thing: I cannot see the files I share! (the files that are inside the /home/test).

    I use the sambaclient and I discovered that if I use my root password then the files appear but this only happens from the Linux PC and not from any of the Windows XP PCs.

    What is going wrong? Does this has something to do with the linux file system compatibility?

    Could someone please give me a correct samba configuration? Do I need to create user accounts and domains? I would like to avoid domain and just stick on workgroups since I want all the 20 Windows PCs to login with the same username and without any password.



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    all files under /home are private to the owner of the folder and if I remember correctly Samba will resepct this even if you set readonly no and what not

    files under /home/$USERNAMe normally have permision of 700 or something like that so you won't be able to see those files from the xp machine unless you authenticate using the same credentials as the owner of /home/$USERNAME you are trying to share


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    Try adding:


    to the share declaration. I'm not sure if this will work, but I think it's supposed to be there for globally visible directories.

    You can make your system behave better (i.e. no password or username adding) by using encrypted passwords on the server. You have to use smbpasswd for each user locally to set the password to be the same as their windows one, but it means you can browse the samba services without needing extra logons. It also means you can impose user and group control at the server using windows logon credentials (i.e. the user doesn't get chance to enter a different username and password).
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