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Thread: regarding samba

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    regarding samba

    hi everybody,

    I have one doubt on samba.
    what is the security = share in smb.conf file.
    please give me the reply.

    thanks in advance,

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    See the man page for smb.conf:

           security (G)
                  This option affects how clients respond to Samba and is one  of
                  the most important settings in the  smb.conf file.
                  The  option sets the "security mode bit" in replies to protocol
                  negotiations with smbd(8) to turn share level  security  on  or
                  off.  Clients  decide  based  on  this bit whether (and how) to
                  transfer user and password information to the server.
                  The default is security = user, as this is the most common set-
                  ting needed when talking to Windows 98 and Windows NT.
    There is a lot more to this entry in the man page, I strongly suggest you take a long look through.
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