I have got exim4 with courier-imap & courier-imap-ssl on my remote server running on Debian Sarge (3.1.). Receiving emails via IMAP with my local mail client (kmail 1. works fine. What is not yet working is sending e-mails from my local client to Exim4 on the remote server with some kind of authentication.

I installed the pop-before-smtp pakcage (which also works as IMAP before SMTP) with aptitude and followed the instructions at: http://popbsmtp.sourceforge.net/quickstart.shtml. The installation and configuration works fine.

But after I re-configure exim4 according to
/usr/share/doc/pop-before-smtp/README.Debian with "relay_from_hosts": net-dbmnz;/var/lib/pop-before-smtp/hosts.db I cannot even receive mails with my client anymore. What is going wrong?