I am using SUSE 9.3 with the built in Apache 2 webserver. I want to setup ASP functionality so that when I test out my websites on my home test server, those sites with ASP can actually be tested. Right now all I see is the ASP code for the page for those pages that use ASP.

I create my websites in Dreamweaver on a Windoze PC, and my home server is SUSE 9.3. I've already setup the SUSE webserver with all the other defaults. And have replaced all the default apache files in the htdocs folder with my various websites. And I can see all of them except for the ASP ones.

I've heard of the built-in module in SUSE 9.3 called "mono" and I installed the package from the DVD, but nothing happened. Rebooted, still no change. I still saw all the code from all my ASP pages. I looked in the HTTP Server modules and didn't see one listed for mono. So what am I missing there?

Can someone please help me out and tell me what I need to do? I'm pretty smart even though I am a bit of a newbie to the Linux world.

I've even heard of SUN having SJS ASP 4.0.1 and ASP 4.0.2, but I don't see my version of Linux there and unsure which I would pick. But then I'm not sure either.....don't I have to pay for it? The website makes it sound like it's only a limited time trial version.

Everything else on my server runs fine. I just need help getting this ASP function working. Then I can turf my crappy windoze server I have running for the sole purpose of being my web-testserver.

Please help!!