I have the problem of boot-up the Suse Linux Enterpise Server 9, after I attached a external storage.

The problem is because of the following:

Before attached to external storage:
swap is mounted as "/dev/sda1"
root (/) is mounted as "/dev/sda2"

After attached to external storage:
External Storage partitions are mounted as "/dev/sda1", "/dev/sda2", and so on.
swap is mounted as "/dev/sdb1"
root (/) is mounted as "/dev/sdb2"

We can tell BIOS to bootup using the Internal SCSI drive, but after bootup to SUSE, the hardware dectection will dectect external storage first then only dectect local SCSI drive, which make the mapping of devices (/dev/sda1, etc) problem.

I manage to resolve the problem by modify the Grub "menu.lst" and "fstab", but as and when I put in more external storage LUNs, or remove the LUNs, I need to modify again.

Is there anyway I can fix the boot up hardware dectection sequence? To let the local SCSI harddisk to dectect and assign to "/dev/sda1" first before external storage?

Or at least we can fix the "/dev/sda1" to swap partition, and "/dev/sda2" to root partition.