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Thread: samba

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    Hi everybody

    I am using RedHat EL4 samba-3.0.10-1.4E

    My NT PDC name : DOMAIN
    and NT server name : NTSERVER

    Here I am trying to connect the Samba machine as a member to the NT server.

    I did the following changes in my smb.conf file.

    workgroup = DOMAIN
    netbios name = xxx
    security = domain
    password server = *

    after that I added the my samba machine to the NT PDC with the following command
    #net join -S NTDOMAIN -U administrator%

    it displayed the following message
    [2005/10/06 15:23:26, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup(186)
    ads_connect: Transport endpoint is not connected
    Joined domain DOMAIN.

    The computer accout for samba machine is created on NT machine(start menu, Programs, then Administrative Tools (Common), and then Server Manager.)

    I am getting the user info on the NT server from my LINUX box with the following command
    #wbinfo -u

    Now my problem is I am unable to logging into NT machine from my LINUX box.
    #su - user1
    su: user user1 does not exist

    what is the problem, Please help me.

    thanks inadvance

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    A few help

    i 'm now use a Samba 3 PDC and have some problem but really i dont't try
    a samba to join another domain but see this official HOWTO i hope help u

    sorry did u now any help about Administrator privilege of Samba domain..plz
    Your Sincerly

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    I got the solution,
    The problem is : we must give the username with domain name.
    For example the domain name is DOMAIN an the username is nt1on the DOMAIN
    Now we should specify the login name like this
    login: DOMAIN\nt1
    #su - DOMAIN\nt1

    Now, my problem is I am not getting the home directory on the linux machine,
    while logging
    How can the user get his home dirs from NT domain, again it require any auto mountings.
    Please help me.

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