Looking for a decent/simple BitTorrent tracker software that doesn't "branch" connections. This is for small-private commune (work related) but it deals with massive amounts of data. We tried by FTP but ended up with CRC errors in some of the files, and despite the same file sizes ftp clients of course wouldn't resume the transfers - despite there obviously being a few bytes that are inconsistent - so BitTorrent came to me as a reasonable means to not only transfer it over our network work<->home connections more seamlessly but additionally transfer it exactly so theres no CRC inconsistencies. The first goal of this project was to fix the inconsistencies in the files, then move on to applying it as the regular pipeline. The slight problem with this being, the current tracker tends to "branch" the connection - so the "seeder" isn't on the same "branch" as the "peers" (coincidentally the "seeder" in this case just happens to be in fact a client computer from home, while the peer is in fact the server that the tracker is run on). For those curious we were trying to use Azureus as the Tracker (hey, the Tracker is built-in and Azureus was already installed on the box in question at that time). Due to this annoying dilemma, I'm open to suggestions for alternative trackers. Its not a large company, thus does not require a huge user group, user/password is preferred (but not mandatory - we can always run it through a different port each time for more security), and most importantly - will not separate the connections into different branches!