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    Anyone know of any 'white papers' on setting up a web server

    I am an It lecturer at Further Education level and would like to include some Linux in the classes.
    Unfortunately the courses are biased around Microsoft and I do not have a lot of spare time in the courses to spend on Linux.
    What I have done is to demonstrate RedHat 9.0 Workstation to the classes and the interest was great.
    I would like to spend 1/2 lessons on using Linux in a server role (Web server/email server)
    Does anyone know of any white papers/simple instructions on setting up the above?
    The machines would be Dell optiplex's and the servers would only be for demo purposes.
    I am trying to get accross to the students that there are alternatives to Mr Gates and that you can use 'yesterdays hardware.
    It would be nice to spend more time in the course on Linux but I have to start somewhere.
    Can any one help?
    Again the idea is to get some simple, easy to follow instructions on how to set up a simple web server or email server. no GUI no extras, just a working server.
    Alan Abbott

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    Have you already checked out the documentation at ?

    For email server, which one are you interested in? There are many.

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    Good to hear of Linux being taught in school! Good on ya!

    Here's a couple of links to peruse...

    Email Server:

    Apache Web Server:
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    Here's a very detailed installation of apache.

    Hope this helps.

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