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    Logging other users off

    I've been googling a bit, and I'm new to the server thing (at least in *n?x) but I'm not sure about how to log another user off. I am allowing some remote usage through ssh and VNC for the purposes of learning. I often check out who is on but I'm not sure how to boot a user off if needs be. I'd rather ask now than wait until I need to know...

    users doesn't help, can find any logoff or disconnect command. Any help appreciated as always

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    So this is a case where you want to kick off just one user, right?

    An example with ssh you can use is:
    ps -e | grep ssh | grep user_name_here
    Then look at his PID and
    kill PID_here
    There are a lot of different ways to accomplish the same thing. But the gist of it is that you are killing his ssh connection/process.

    Now if you want to keep him off, that's a different story. That may consist of:
    * Locking his account altogether.
    * Blocking his IP.
    * Blocking his user name from using the sshd service.

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