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    Fileserver mirroring & synching

    My boss has just given me the task of mirroring some data from another server within our company and keeping the data in sync on our Linux fileserver over a WAN. The problem is that I do not have admin access to the server I need to mirror, the server is running windows, and I can't get any of the administrators for this server to help me.

    Does anyone know of any software that will allow you to keep files in sync with a Windows machine across a WAN without having to install anything or change any settings on the Windows machine?

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    bump....I really need help with this.

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    If you can see the data over the lan without any additional privileges then you should be able to use rsync to do regular updates.

    If you cant see the data over the lan, you'll need administrator help to get access to it and your boss is a dick for asking you to do that. Of course, if he insists, then it's only a windows box - shouldn't be all that hard to get to the data even with no privileges...
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    My boss isn't the problem....the IT staff are just dicks. Anyway, I tried your suggestion of using rsync and that seems to do the trick...I just mount the share locally and run rsync on it. It's a little slow, but it does the trick. Thanks.

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