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Thread: mail server

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    mail server

    Hey, I'm relativly new to linux, and I have Gentoo on my server (it's acting as a fileserver at the moment). I would like to setup a mail account on it, I don't want to go through my ISP or anything. I was wondering if there were any good walkthroughs or documents for setting this up?

    Thank You

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    unless you have your own domain or already host your own mail server, you will need to go to someone else to provide the part after the @

    you can't just create an email account without owning a domain

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    You really need a static IP address if you want to host your own mailserver. It can be done with dynamic, but a static IP will be much easier to manage. You also need to leave the box up, so you need to be prepared for that, too.

    Sendmail is the de-facto standard for email - and I've found it quite easy to configure (following the guidelines on, and is utterly reliable. Mine's been running for 18 months now , and I never touch it these days.

    This is Linux, though, so there are other mail transport agents around you could use.
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