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Thread: Mandrake Server

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    Mandrake Server

    Dear people,

    Useing Mandrake Linux 10, I'm trying to host a HTTP server. Setting up a server isn't too hard, I did that, and tried it on localhost.

    When I filled in "localhost" in my browser, I got the start-up-page of Apache. I had some files in the folder I wanted to share, and after some tries, I found out how to get a list of these by typeing "Localhost:8001" in the browser (im hosting the server on port 8001).
    When I typed this I got a list of the files in my shared map, but it didnt load the "index.HTML" file.

    So my first question is: How can I make it load "index.html" as startup?
    And the sercond question: Why must I type the port-number if I want to see the shared files, can't I make it load automatically when I type "Localhost"?

    Later I tried to visit my server from another PC (this PC is in my Network aswell, but it is an Windows XP PC).
    That didn't work at all, I got an error "The connection was refused when attempting to connect to <IP address here>"
    And when I filled in only the IP of the server PC, I got to the router configuration page (after filling in username and pass)
    In my router I used portforwarding to forward 8001 to 80, 80 to 8001, 8001 to 8001 and 80 to 80.
    After saveing these settings and rebooting the router/modem it still didn't work.

    My third question: Why can't I view my server, even if I portforwarded these ports?

    Some info:
    My internet connection is ADSL
    I use a sweex modem/router annex A
    I can't open ports in the firewall, the textbox is disabled.
    There are two computers connected to the router.
    I have a static IP.

    I need this server in 2 days so all help is appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,
    Arno Van Lumig

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    1) The default file which is loaded IF present is controlled by the DirectoryIndex directive.
    2) web browsers use the default port 80. if the port is different from 80 it should be added to the hostname, separated by :

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    I had some problems with port forwarding the http port, 80->80 worked, but everything else did not. Have no idea why it is happening

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